Facilities Management: Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Employees

Facilities Management: Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Employees

Amidst the hustle and bustle of today's work environment, taking care of employees' mental health and well-being has become more crucial than ever. To achieve this, facilities management plays a significant role in creating a secure and nurturing workplace that encourages positive mental health outcomes for all employees. 

To help businesses promote mental health and well-being in their workplace, here are some essential strategies for facilities management: 

Provide a Comfortable and Safe Work Environment: As most of an employee's time is spent at work, it's essential to provide a setting that puts their convenience, security, and well-being first. Facilities managers can engage with HR departments to provide ergonomic workstations, maintain proper lighting, and create spaces for rest and rejuvenation, like break rooms or outdoor areas, in order to achieve this. 

Encourage Movement and Exercise: Physical activity has been shown to have significant mental health benefits. Facilities managers can encourage movement and exercise by making fitness facilities available or organizing walking meetings. It can also be beneficial to encourage employees to take regular breaks and stretches during the day. 

Foster Social Connections: Social connections are essential for mental health and happiness. Facilities managers can design socializing spaces, such as communal workspaces or lunch areas. Hosting social events or team-building activities can also aid in the development of relationships and the improvement of workplace culture. 

Side note: We have seen a surge in employee productivity at Infracare Facilities Management as a result of encouraging various departmental activities each week. 


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Prioritize Mental Health Resources: Facilities managers can collaborate with HR departments to provide resources for mental health support, such as access to counseling services or mental health first aid training. They can also raise awareness of these resources through signage or company-wide communications. 

Embrace Nature: The benefits of being outdoors include reduced stress and better mental wellness. Facilities managers can add natural features, such plants or natural lighting, to the workplace. 

Facilities management is critical in promoting employee mental health and well-being. Facilities managers can foster a workplace culture that promotes positive mental health outcomes for all employees by prioritizing comfort, safety, social connections, and access to resources. Businesses can foster a healthier and more productive workforce by implementing these strategies. 



In the UAE, not all organisations will employ an in-house facilities manager, meaning the responsibility for the facilities management can fall to an individual in the company who is asked to assist with this but has a different primary role and focus, or the ownership isn't clearly identified; in both scenarios this can be challenging. Hiring an external facilities management company with experience in this area to support an organization's initiatives to promote mental health and well-being as part of the overall facility management strategy can benefit a business owner and employees, leading to increased productivity and happiness in the workplace.   

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