Infracare employees champion sustainability with Kiswa partnership

Infracare employees champion sustainability with Kiswa partnership

Infracare is proud to announce the success of its recent partnership with Kiswa for a donation drive aimed at promoting sustainability. This initiative saw generous contributions from Infracare employees, who donated clothes, shoes, and accessories to support Kiswa's mission of reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices. 

The donation drive was met with enthusiastic participation from Infracare employees, resulting in a significant collection of items. The total weight of clothes donated reached an impressive 77 kilograms. This effort translates into a meaningful environmental impact, equating to a reduction of 277.2 kilograms of CO2 emissions, saving 462,000 litres of water, and cutting down the use of 23.2 kilograms of fertilisers and 15.4 kilograms of pesticides. By diverting these textiles from landfills, we are also addressing the issue of textile waste, which is a key contributor to climate change and the consumption of landfill space.

"At Infracare, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back," said Glenn Stroud, Head of QHSE, Infracare. "This partnership with Kiswa not only supports a great cause but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our employees' generosity has made a real difference, and we are incredibly proud of the impact we've collectively achieved." 

Kiswa, known for its dedication to promoting sustainable fashion and reducing waste, expressed gratitude for the support from Infracare.  

This successful donation drive highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility and the positive outcomes that can arise from collaborative efforts between companies and charitable organisations. Infracare remains committed to supporting sustainability initiatives and looks forward to future partnerships that continue to make a positive impact on our environment and communities. 

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About Kiswa: 

Kiswa is a non-profit organisation focused on promoting sustainable fashion and reducing textile waste. Through various initiatives, Kiswa aims to create a more sustainable future by encouraging the recycling and reusing of clothing and accessories. For more information, visit