The Importance of Sustainability in Facilities Management

The Importance of Sustainability in Facilities Management

For buildings and spaces to operate effectively and efficiently, facilities management is essential. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of integrating sustainability practices into facilities management.  

Understanding Sustainability Practice in Facilities Management: 

Sustainability practice in facilities management refers to the adoption of environmentally responsible strategies to minimize the negative impact of buildings and spaces on the environment. It involves the efficient use of resources, reducing waste, minimizing carbon emissions, and promoting social responsibility within the facility's operations.

The Importance of Sustainability in Facilities Management

The Role of Facility Managers in Sustainability: 

Facility managers are critical drivers of sustainability in facilities management. They are in charge of developing sustainable practices, ensuring compliance with environmental standards, and cultivating a sustainable culture within the organization. Facility managers act as catalysts for change and promote environmentally friendly initiatives. 

Supporting Sustainability in Facilities Management: 

Facility managers can help to promote sustainability by implementing the following strategies: 

  • Establishing baseline metrics: Facility managers evaluate the effectiveness of sustainable initiatives by creating baseline metrics that track energy and water usage, waste reduction, and carbon emissions. 
  • Prioritizing sustainable initiatives: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can guide facility managers in prioritizing sustainability initiatives and tracking progress towards achieving them. 
  • Tracking and reporting: Regular monitoring and reporting of energy and water usage, waste reduction, and carbon emissions help identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.
  • Conducting audits: Regular audits help identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing adherence to sustainability practices.
  • Engaging employees: Involving employees in sustainability efforts through education, training, and feedback mechanisms can create a positive impact and increase overall engagement. 
  • Measuring cost savings: Demonstrating the financial benefits of sustainable facilities management, such as reduced utility costs and improved efficiency, helps justify investments in sustainability. 

Involving Employees in Sustainable Facilities Management: 

Employees play a vital role in sustainable facilities management efforts. They can contribute by adopting environmentally friendly practices, such as reducing energy consumption, properly disposing of waste, and promoting sustainable behaviors within the workplace. Engaging employees through awareness campaigns, training sessions, and recognition programs fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility. 

Communicating Benefits to Stakeholders: 

It is crucial to communicate the benefits of sustainable facilities management to stakeholders. This includes building owners, tenants, employees, and the wider community. Effective communication creates awareness, enhances reputation, and fosters trust. Stakeholders need to understand the positive impact of sustainable initiatives on the environment, employee well-being, and long-term financial savings. 

Infracare Facilities Management's Sustainability Committee: 

Infracare Facilities Management has launched a new initiative called the Sustainability Committee, aimed at promoting sustainable practices within their facilities and organization. The committee consists of representatives from various departments who collaborate to develop and implement sustainable initiatives, monitor progress, and engage employees. This initiative showcases the commitment of Infracare Facilities Management towards environmental responsibility and serves as a model for other organizations.

Infracare Celebrates World Environment Day 2023 and Launches the Sustainability Committee

Sustainability in facilities management is of utmost importance in today's world. Facility managers play a crucial role in driving sustainable initiatives and creating a positive impact on the environment, employees, and stakeholders. By prioritizing sustainability, tracking progress, involving employees, and communicating the benefits, organizations can embrace a responsible approach to facilities management and contribute to a more sustainable future. 




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